About us

? Relay Protection and Automation Equipment Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association is a national industry organization, which mainly consists of:

  1. Manufacturing enterprises that produce secondary equipment including relay protection equipment (like relay, main electric apparatus and line equipment), motor protection and control devices, reactive power compensation devices, power system automation equipment, HVDC transmission control & protection devices, DC power supply in power engineering, new-energy inverter and controller, intelligent equipment like micro-grid protection & control system, and other related equipment such as terminals, current & voltage transformer and so on.
  2. User units and those related units such as scientific research institutes, design organizations, colleges and universities, engineering units and so on.

? This branch is formed by the above members on an equal and voluntary basis without the restriction of region, subordinate relations of departments and ownership.

? At present, more than three thousand large influential enterprises at home and abroad in power industry have joint this branch, including domestic enterprises such as NR Electric, XJ Group Corporation, Beijing Sifang Automation Co., Ltd., NARI Technology Co., Ltd., CYG, Integrated Electronic Systems Lab Co., Ltd., Dongfang Electronics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Electric, WISCOM, UnisM & C, etc., as well as joint venture enterprises like SIEMENS, ABB, Schneider and so on.

? This branch is capable of providing a number of industry services, the details are as follows:

  1. Holding academic seminars and promoting the popularization and application of new products, new materials, and new technology.
  2. Holding conferences such as the board of directors, the general assembly, economic operation analysis meeting, etc.
  3. Actively organizing the enterprises to carry out "quality trustworthy product" recommendation and credit rating evaluation work.
  4. Carrying out international cooperation business visits.
  5. Organizing industry manufacturers to carry out standard development and revision work.
  6. Organizing various training activities.
  7. Technical consultation and service.
  8. Industry investigation.
  9. Quality activities.
  10. Evaluation and training about standards , standard full-text retrieval.
  11. Record of the product model.
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